The Ultimate All-in-One Zappicator

Since it’s first appearance in one of Dr. Hulda Clark’s books a number of years ago the Zappicator has mostly been The Ultimate Food Zappicator!overlooked and overshadowed by the Zapper. Many people are only now beginning to realize its usefulness and the real value it brings to personal health care.

Unfortunately, many zappicators being sold are nothing more than simple boxes with one or two cheap magnets in them. While they are based on Dr. Clark’s zappicator design and work the way she describes, they cannot be considered “powerful”, “strong”, or “state-of-the-art” in any way, shape, or form.

We are fortunate that two of the best zapper makers
in the world set out to remedy this situation!

Our 10 magnet Ultimate All-in-One Zappicator is the first widely-available consumer zappicator to include the all-important 1KHz zapper circuit built into its case, so nothing else is required for its operation except a standard 9 volt battery (not included).

With 10 super-strong magnets and special coil-windings inside,
the Ultimate Zappicator is one of the strongest, most effective zappicators on the market!

The ONLY other zappicator that comes close is our SuperZappicator, which has 8 magnets and special coil-windings, as well. The SuperZappicator is designed to work with our phenomenal Auto-Zap 5 zapper, but it is a traditional zappicator, meaning it requires the use of an external zapper to work.

What makes the the Ultimate All-in-One Zappicator so great?

  • It’s the strongest, most effective zappicator available
  • Save time and use your zapper while using your Ultimate Zappicator
  • No need to buy a zapper just to use a zappicator
  • Extremely well built on ISO-9002 SMD assembly line to military level quality
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Very portable – use it anywhere, even in your refrigerator!

As you can see from the list above, the Ultimate All-in-One Zappicator is the ultimate in convenience, reliability and effectiveness, and is a true bargain.

The Ultimate All-in-One Zappicator
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This is an environmentally friendly GREEN PRODUCT! It contains no lead and is made with the preservation of our environment in mind!

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