There are hundreds, probably thousands, of different zappers being manufactured world-wide, so it’s impossible for us to review them all. Below we list some of the best, and worst, models that we are aware of. If you are a zapper manufacturer and would like to have your product reviewed let us know.

Below is a quick summary of the zappers we have reviewed so far. A detailed look at each model will be given below the summary, so scroll down to check out the specifics. All reviews are as honest and fair as we can make them and are based on the personal opinions of the owner of this website. We have done our best to ensure the accuracy of all information but cannot be held responsible for mistakes or design changes made by manufacturers of the products listed.

Please note: Most zappers sold today use wrist straps with a cable to connect to the zapper. Virtually all of these units can also be used with handholds, footpads, home-made pads, etc., but they typically only include a cable and one set of wrist straps when purchased. Other connection methods are typically optional accessories that are purchased separately.

A Quick Summary

Name Price
Rating Notes
Auto-Zap 5 $269 – $289 cable w/SuperStraps, handholds, etc. The Best! 5 yr warranty! Best wrist straps available, super fast 5 min. mode
Auto-Zap 5 Wellness System $396 – $419 The Best! Adding a Super Zappicator to the Auto-Zap 5 makes this a fantastic whole body system
Terminator 2 Zapper $116 – $150 NO cable or straps needed, no external connections possible The Best! Best-selling zapper on the market, direct contact with skin, small & easy to use, extra “goodies” inside. Cannot be used with straps! Must be careful when replacing the battery.
Z4eX Extreme Zapper $84 cable w/straps, handholds, etc. Very Good! Excellent, low-cost, 3 frequencies, very high quality, wrist straps not the best.
Vari Zapper $294 cable w/straps, handholds, etc. Good, Better than Average Can use proprietary Program Driver chips, over-priced, low quality case design & ergonomics
(Healthy Back Institute)
$399 cable w/straps, handholds, etc. Good, Better than Average Re-branded version of the Vari Zapper, see above. Package includes Vari Zapper, carry case, 3 Program Driver chips, Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure for All Diseases”, free shipping
RSG4 Sweep Zapper $139 NO straps needed Good, better than Average Everything is built into the over-sized handles, no other cables or straps needed. Cannot be used with straps!
Vari Gamma $499 – $586 cable w/straps, handholds, etc. Good, better than Average User selectable frequencies, can use proprietary Program Driver chips, a bit confusing to program, low quality case design & ergonomics
Super Zapper Deluxe 2006 n/a cable w/straps, handholds, etc. Below Average No longer made, sold world-wide for many years, can use proprietary Program Driver chips, quality issues.
Ultimate Zapper
(see review below)
$199 – $239 cable w/straps, handholds, etc. DO NOT BUY! A/C powered – NOT RECOMMENDED!
(****see review below)
$299 – $399 cable w/straps, handholds, etc. DO NOT BUY! A/C powered – NOT RECOMMENDED!


Detailed Reviews

The Best Zappers

There are a lot of good zappers on the market, but it takes something special to be the best. As far as we are concerned the two best zappers available are the Terminator 2 Zapper by Don Croft and the Auto-Zap 5 Zapper.

The Auto-Zap 5 – World’s Fastest Zapper
5 Stars - The Best!

The Auto-Zap 5 - World's Fastest Zapper!Besides having an unheard of 5 YEAR WARRANTY, the truly unique feature that makes the Auto-Zap 5 so exceptional is its 5 minute zapping mode. When using this mode 5 minutes of zapping gives you the equivalent of a full hour of zapping using a standard Hulda Clark zapper. For all those “Type A” personalities and anyone who can’t stand spending an hour or more per day hooked up to a set of wrist straps this is the zapper to get! If you do spend an hour with it you get the equivalent of approximately 12 hours of regular zapping. You simply can’t beat that!

Plus, the Auto-Zap 5 comes standard with 2 sets of cables, a set of alligator clips so you can connect it to almost anything, and a set of SuperStraps, the best wrist straps on the market. SuperStraps are much wider than normal and made of a special material that will stay moist longer and be more comfortable than regular straps.

SuperStraps are the Best!The Auto-Zap 5 has 5 operating modes:

  1. A complete zapping session in only 5 minutes
  2. A one hour session using the 5 minute mode (equal to 12 hours of normal zapping)
  3. Standard 15 minute Zappicator mode for use with food
  4. Extended 30 minute Zappicator mode for use with body
  5. Auto-programmed traditional 7min/20min mode for one hour

All operating modes are fully automatic and the unit will beep and turn itself off at the end of the session. The operating modes are also printed on a label on the side of the unit so you always have a quick “how-to-use” reference guide with you. It’s so simple to use no instruction manual is needed.

The electronics are custom-designed and very frugal with battery usage. The entire package is extremely well made and thought out to give years of daily use without trouble.  The Auto-Zap 5 uses a custom multi-phasic, very low frequency that is much lower than the standard 30K (30,000) Hertz used by most Hulda Clark zappers. Batteries are also included so everything you need to begin zapping is in the package.

The Auto-Zap 5 Wellness System
5 Stars - The Best!

The Auto-Zap 5 Wellness System

Technically, the Auto-Zap 5 Wellness System is just a combination of our 5 star, top-rated Auto-Zap 5 zapper with the addition of a SuperZappicator. We think the combination of the two is unbeatable and offers excellent whole-body support, so we couldn’t resist listing it as a separate item.  The SuperZappicator is simply one of the best zappicators you can buy and is the one we personally use most often.

The attention to detail and the actual internal design are outstanding. It uses 8 magnets in a special arrangement to prevent South pole energy leakage (extremely important!), as well as a special and unique coil design that is guaranteed to output the correct polarity, unlike a large number of other zappicators on the market. Like most zappicators, the SuperZappicator requires the use of an external zapper with a frequency of around 2.5K Hertz or less to operate correctly. The Auto-Zap 5 zapper is part of the Wellness System, so everything you need is included, even the battery.

The Terminator 2 Zapper by Don Croft – the Best Selling Zapper
5 Stars - The Best!

The Best Selling ZapperThe Terminator 2 is widely considered the best-selling zapper on the market and has a loyal following world-wide. It is probably the easiest, most convenient-to-use zapper you will ever find. Basically, turn it on, place it in direct contact with the skin and hold it in place in whatever fashion you want. Place it inside your sock against your ankle or on the bottom of your foot, put it inside your waistband and let your clothes hold it against your stomach, or use a band of some type (such as an Ace bandage) to hold it on your arm.  Just put it wherever you want and hold it in place. The easiest way we’ve found is to cut the toe out of an old sock, slide the sock over your arm and place the Terminator inside the sock against your skin. It’s comfortable and you can wear it like this for hours on end.

The Terminator was designed by Don and Carol Croft to be worn for many hours per day. Many people have noticed a subtle calming effect after 3 – 4 hours or more of use. You won’t get this with any other zapper. Also, it’s commonly mentioned that you can wear a Terminator for extended periods of time, sleep with it all night long, and basically use it 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This is true, and we’ve done it many times, but YOU CAN’T SLEEP WITH IT THE FIRST NIGHT OR TWO AFTER YOU GET IT.  The Terminator is a strong zapper that is in direct contact with your skin. If you try to sleep with it too soon and your body (and particularly your skin) is not acclimated sufficiently, you WILL wake up with a nasty burn on your skin.

The Terminator 2 uses the lowest frequency of any zapper we are aware of: 15Hz. Keep in mind, that’s 15, not 15K (15,000) Hertz, so, like the Auto-Zap 5, the frequency is much lower than the typical frequency of 30K Hertz.

Unlike other zappers on the market, the Terminator has some “special goodies” inside: an Orgonite block, Mobius coil, Neodymium magnet, and natural spherical crystals. For more details click here.

The Terminator has no external connections so there is no way to use wrist straps, handholds, pads, etc.

The only reliability issues we have ever seen with the Terminator are 1) an occasional issue if you are not careful when removing the battery, and 2) because of the small size, the possibility of dropping it, which may damage it. The unit is very reliable and we’ve accidentally dropped Terminators many times over the years and have never damaged one. BUT, if you drop it and it lands just the wrong way it may damage the on/off switch. If it hits hard enough on a very hard surface it also may dislodge the orgone block inside, which can be easily glued back in place without problem. If the switch is damaged you will have to return the unit to Don Croft for repair. Fortunately, Don will repair any Terminator, no matter how old, for a flat fee of $20 plus shipping.

The issue with the battery wires happens occasionally but it is not a major issue. Simply be careful when you remove the battery from the connector and NEVER pull it loose by grabbing the wires and yanking. If you yank on the wires you WILL more than likely pull a wire loose and have to have it repaired. If you use your thumb and pop the connector off without touching the wires you will never have a problem. We’ve removed batteries thousands of times from Terminators over the years and have NEVER had a problem.


The Z4eX Extreme Zapper
A Really Good Zapper

The Z4eX Extreme ZapperThe Z4eX Extreme 3 Frequency Zapper is one the best, most reliable zappers available for under $90. It’s an upgrade to the popular Zapper C3i that was sold for a number of years. It’s a typical Hulda Clark zapper, which means it comes standard with a set of cables and wrist straps, with an optional set of copper handholds available for purchase. The optional copper handholds are the highest quality copper handholds we’ve ever seen.The Z4eX Wrist Straps & Copper Pipes

The standard cable that comes with the Z4eX uses a dome snap connector to connect to the wrist straps, with is common. An optional cable set is available that has alligator clips on one end so they can be attached to just about anything. The Z4eX uses standard banana plug connections for all cables, so it’s dirt cheap and easy to make your own cables using banana plugs from Radio Shack and “experiment” in any way you want.

Unlike many zappers on the market, the Z4eX allows you to select between 3 different frequencies: the standard frequency of 30KHz, a much lower 2.5KHz, and a very low 15Hz, which is the same frequency used by the Terminator 2 Zapper. You don’t have to know which specific frequency to use, just used the one that feels best to you. We always recommend randomly using all three frequencies so you get the benefit of a much wider range of harmonics that many researchers feel make zapping more effective. A simple slide switch on the top of the unit (also used to turn the unit on/off) is used to select the frequency. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to use, and for anyone wanting to make their own zapping pads or connectors it’s a great product. Plus, the reliability and durability is extremely high.

The unit is intended to be used continuously, so there are no pre-programmed 7min/20min sessions or automatic shutoff features. You turn it on, use it, and turn it off when finished; nothing fancy about it.

The only reason we didn’t give the Z4eX a 5 Star rating is mainly due to the lack of auto-shutoff and the wrist straps included with the unit. The wrist straps work well and should last for years, they’re just not exceptional in any way, which is common with many, if not most, zappers.  Unfortunately, the SuperStraps included with the top-rated Auto-Zap 5 spoiled us.

What we liked so much about the Z4eX is its exceptional quality and reliability, low cost, ease of use, its 3 selectable frequencies. and the ease with which “experimenters” can work with it.


The Vari Zapper
A Good ZapperThe Vari Zapper

The Vari Zapper from Dr. Clark Research Assoc. is the latest in a line of zappers that included the Super Zapper DeLuxe 2003 and 2006 models (which are no longer made, reviewed briefly below). The Vari Zapper is a sophisticated device that does a good job but is, in our opinion, a bit over-priced. It has a number of features not found on many zappers, including an LCD display, the company’s exclusive and proprietary Program Drivers, a voltage output adjust of up to 15 volts, and a modular design.

The LCD is nice because it lets you see what it is doing and is used along with the 5 push button controls on the front to change operating modes and start/stop the unit. Unfortunately, the LCD is also a bit of a battery hog, which means you only get about 100 one hour zapping sessions out of each set of (2) AA batteries (compared with 1,000 for the Auto-Zap 5). That’s not bad, but it’s not great, either. Also, an LCD display has absolutely nothing to do with zapping effectiveness. It’s a nice feature to have, but it adds to the cost of the unit and the cost of operating it due to increased battery drain.

There are two unique features of the Vari Zapper: 1) the ability to use special memory chips called Program Drivers and 2) the modular design that allows you to upgrade to the Vari Gamma.

Program Drivers are pre-programmed memory chips that contain specific frequencies for specific parasites based on Dr. Clark’s research. The concept is very cool and sounds great, but we are not aware of any hard evidence to support whether they make a difference in effectiveness. Personal reports from users is positive, and they can’t hurt in any way other than wasting your time if you pick the wrong Program Driver, so we are neutral on their use in general. No other zapper that we are aware of has this capability, and Program Drivers can only be used with the Vari Zapper and Vari Gamma, so they won’t work with any other zapper. Also, there are a lot of expensive zappers on the market that allow multiple frequency selection. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what specific frequencies they need to use, and guessing just wastes time and energy. This is why the basic zapper design is so good: you don’t need to know specific frequencies, you just turn it on and use it. While the use of Program Drivers removes a lot of the guesswork, it’s still a guessing game because there are dozens of different Program Drivers and it can be very expensive to buy the entire set.

The ergonomics of the modular design on the Vari Zapper are a bit awkward to use and the plastic case feels a bit cheap. Not to be too picky, but I’m not a fan of their color choice either (the pictures supplied by the company are not very accurate on the actual color). The modular design allows you to swap “modules” to turn the base power supply into either a Vari Zapper or a Vari Gamma (see the review below). Unfortunately, it’s an expensive upgrade to go from the Vari Zapper to the Vari Gamma, and the majority of people will be completely lost with the Vari Gamma and unable or unwilling to use its main reason for existence: the ability to input specific frequencies for zapping.

The shipped version of the Vari Zapper comes complete with a cable set and very good quality wrist straps, plus a sample set of stick-on “gel pads” that can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body that doesn’t have hair. The unit has a one hour continuous zapping mode as well as the typical 7min/20min timed mode, and a 1Khz zappicator mode. As stated, overall it’s a very good zapper, it’s just over-priced due to features that most people likely have little or no use for. The reliability is unknown.

David Amrein, the founder and primary force behind Dr. Clark Research Assoc., has spent a great deal of time and money over the years promoting Dr. Clark and the zapper protocol. He has done an awful lot of good for people all over the world and deserves respect for what he has accomplished. With that said, we wish he would turn his attention to developing a lower cost, less fancy model zapper that is more reliable and accessible to larger numbers of people.

The ElectroCleanse
A Good Zapper

As you can tell by looking at the picture above, the ElectroCleanse zapper being promoted by the Healthy Back Institute is simply a re-branded version of the Vari Zapper. For a review of this product simply read the details above on the Vari Zapper.  We are a big fan of the Healthy Back Institute. They give out a lot of good information from a wide variety of sources, but they basically promote a very wide range of products from a lot of other companies. This isn’t to say there is anything wrong with what they do or with their products, just that they do heavily market lots of stuff.

Their ElectroCleanse package includes the standard Vari Zapper model plus a small custom-fit carry case with belt clip that lets you clip the ElectroCleanse to your belt for more convenient use. They also include a copy of Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure for All Diseases”, and 3 specific Program Driver chips (see above for explanation) that they feel are useful for pain management of nerve, tissue and joint pains.  Free shipping is also included for the $399 asking price.

Our opinion of the Program Driver chips is expressed above in the review of the Vari Zapper. While they may provide some extra or faster relief, and they definitely can’t hurt, there has been nothing that we are aware of that says they produce better results compared to simply using a regular zapper, and in particular when compared to our favorite zappers, we would put our faith in the Terminator 2 and the Auto-Zap 5 any day.

For the cost of the ElectroCleanse package you can buy three Terminator 2 zappers, or pay just a bit more and get an Auto-Zap 5 Wellness Kit, which is a much more inclusive and whole body approach with definite advantages (see review above).

So, to sum up, although we like the Healthy Back Institute, we can’t recommend their package simply because it is overpriced and doesn’t offer anything exceptional that you can’t get with other models at a lower price.

Please note: There is also another product on the internet at that has nothing to do with the product described above and is also not a Hulda Clark zapper.

The Vari Gamma
3 Stars - good but not great

The Vari Gamma

The distinguishing feature of the Vari Gamma from Dr. Clark Research Assoc. is its ability to generate a user-selectable frequency from 1Hz to 1MHz.If you know what you are doing and want to target specific parasites/frequencies, this is a great product. If all you want is a zapper, it’s overkill in a big, expensive way.

The Vari Gamma has all of the features of the Vari Zapper (as described above) and uses the same modular case design, which means you can start with a Vari Zapper and then buy a Vari Gamma module as an upgrade. You don’t save very much by doing this, but there is a bit of savings compared to buying a complete Vari Gamma. The things is, if you start with the Vari Zapper and then buy the Vari Gamma module, you can only use one module at a time. You won’t have two zappers to use, you’ll have one base power module that is used with either the Zapper or Gamma module, so it’s one or the other, not both.

Our biggest issues with the Vari Gamma, and the reasons why it didn’t get rated higher, are 1) the price and 2) we feel most people will be unable or unwilling to put the time and effort into learning how to program the unit and learn what they need to take advantage of specific frequencies. As stated in the review of the Vari Zapper, generally people want something simple, quick, and easy to use. When you or a loved one is sick the last thing you want to do is waste time learning how to program a frequency generator and then spend lots of time zapping frequencies that may or may not be doing any good. Zapping using the wrong frequencies won’t hurt you, but you will waste time. There are simply too many good zappers at much lower prices that are extremely easy to use. Unless you are an “experimenter” and want to boldly go into frequency/parasite research, this is not a unit we can recommend for most people.

On this unit the LCD display is a “must have” feature. It allows you to know exactly what you are doing and set the specific frequencies with relative ease. Overall it’s a great product and, for what it does as a frequency generator designed for use as a Hulda Clark Zapper, is reasonably priced.

The Vari Gamma ships with the same cables, wrist straps, etc. as the Vari Zapper and includes blank Program Driver cards so you can create and save your own custom frequency program.

The RSG4 Sweep Zapper
The Good ZapperThe RSG4 Sweep Zapper

The RSG-4 Sweep Zapper from Scada Research is a unique product with all of the electronics and the battery included in the over-sized stainless steel handholds. It’s feels great, is made really well, and there’s a lot to like about it. The biggest detraction is that it is a hand-held device and is not capable of using wrist straps or other connection methods which might free your hands so you can do other things while zapping. Years ago when most people were still using copper handholds with their zappers the RSG4 was a fantastic product. Now that wrist straps are used by almost everyone, it’s not as “user-friendly.”

It offers 3 frequencies: the standard 30KHz, 2.128KHz, and 728Hz, the last two were chosen for their specific abilities according to frequency researchers. It also has an automatic timed zapper mode of 7min/20min, etc. for an hour of zapping, auto-shutoff, and a sweep frequency function that automatically sweeps from 200Hz to 500KHz continuously. It has a low-battery indicator, a push-button mode selector, and uses 2 LED’s to indicate which mode is being used. The operating modes are actually etched onto one of the stainless steel handles so you always have a quick reference for the operating modes.

The RSG4 is a great product that only suffers from the inconvenience of a design based on handholds.


The Super Zapper DeLuxe 2006
The Not So Good ZappersThe Super Zapper DeLuxe 2006
The Super Zapper DeLuxe 2006 was an upgrade to the 2003 model. Both were sold world-wide for many years and many thousands of them are probably still in use, so we wanted to include them in our reviews. The 2006 model was replaced in 2009 by the Vari Zapper. While the Super Zapper DeLuxe was a decent zapper with some advanced features (mainly an LCD display and the ability to use Program Driver memory chips, described above), the 2006 model had some problems with reliability/quality issues.

The 2003 model appears to have been more reliable but didn’t have the LCD display and wasn’t able to use Program Drivers. Both models were made in Europe (by different manufacturers, which might explain the difference in quality and reliability) and exported for sale world-wide.

Both models were decent zappers and worked as described, but, as with the Vari Zapper and Vari Gamma, our feeling is they were over-priced without giving a lot for the extra cost. An LCD display is a fancy feature but does absolutely nothing for zapping. And, as mentioned above, the Program Driver concept sounds good but has not been proven to our satisfaction that it makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of zapping.

The Super Zapper DeLuxe was shipped in a blue plastic carrying case for easy portability, and included batteries, cable and wrist straps, and a sample pair of stick-on “gel pads”.

Our low rating of just 2.5 stars for the Super Zapper DeLuxe is mainly due to the reliability/quality problems and its high price. Much more reliable zappers have been available for years at much better prices.

THE “NOT recommended” ZAPPERS

We have never liked saying bad things about a company or its products. Unfortunately, there are some products and some companies that should be avoided. This is our personal opinion and we welcome comments to the contrary about the zappers listed below.

The Ultimate Zapper
Do Not Buy this Product!

The Ultimate Zapper - Not Recommended

The Ultimate Zapper by Ken Presner has been on the market for a number of years and, according to Mr. Presner on his website, is the #1 best zapper in the world. Mr. Presner claims a great deal of support from customers and the scientific community and has a lot to say about how great his product and zapping protocol is while trashing every other zapper on the planet.

As mentioned above, we hate to speak badly about anyone. Mr. Presner obviously has no problem with that because, according to him, no other zapper is worth using and nothing comes close to the performance of his Ultimate Zapper. With comments like that we had to take a look to see what’s going on.

We have a number of issues with the Ultimate Zapper and could write a couple of long pages about everything we don’t like. We’ll keep things civil and reasonably short, however, and just skim the surface of the major issues.

First, the Ultimate Zapper is AC powered; no batteries involved. There is no way we can recommend that someone wire themselves up to an AC outlet while using a zapper. Sorry, even if the chances of a malfunction and electrocution are very small we wouldn’t personally do it and can’t recommend it. Mr. Presner claims the use of AC power keeps the power levels constant and high while zapping, which is true, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to do or that it makes his zapper more effective than others. He claims Dr. Clark says it takes 9 volts to activate white blood cells so they can remove toxins. Yet, we’ve read Dr. Clark’s books where she says as little as 3 volts is effective when zapping. Who is right, Ken Presner or Dr. Clark’s own published writings?

Second, one of the big claims of the Ultimate Zapper is that it outputs a “pure” and “stabilized” wave that is not altered while zapping, making the Ultimate Zapper more effective. Again, according to Dr. Clark’s own research and many other zapper researchers this appears to be totally not true. Forcing a pure square wave seems to reduce the effectiveness of zapping according to many researchers.

Mr. Presner talks a good game about producing Blood Purification similar to Bob Beck protocol products (see for more details), as well as Electroporation, and Aura Expansion. Sounds great but what does that have to do with zapping and/or zapping effectiveness? Not a lot that we can see. We have years of experience with Bob Beck products and the Ultimate Zapper does not in any way produce the same affect as a Beck Blood Purification device. This is apples to oranges, or maybe in this case apples to voodoo science, based on some of Mr. Presners claims. We also can’t verify one way or another the Ultimate Zapper’s claim of producing Electroporation, but we are familiar with the subject and just don’t buy into his hype.

Our attempts to keep this review professional and accurate are somewhat difficult because there is so much on the Ultimate Zapper website that is personal opinion stated as facts that it’s hard to know exactly where to draw the line and say “enough is enough!” All we can ultimately say is we don’t like the Ultimate Zapper or Ken Presner’s personal opinion of every other zapper on the planet. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Zappers by (All models)

Permission to use this picture has been granted by the owner.

Our review of their zappers will continue in some detail below, but first we need to mention the continuing efforts by the people at to force the removal of our criticism of their company and their products. Please do not confuse their website,, with (which has no “s” on the end of “zapper” and is a completely different site with no connection to them in any way).

Update: On January 17, 2012 we received an email from our hosting company,, stating that a complaint had been filed against us for copyright infringement pertaining to a picture we posted of one of the zappers sold by as well as the names of two people associated with them and the actual email they sent to us in 2011 threatening to sue for slander.

Based on U.S. copyright law and “fair use” doctrine none of our published material is infringing. Unfortunately, our website was unexpectedly shut down on January 19th while waiting for our counter notice protesting the infringement claims to be processed. The only way to get our site back online was to remove the specific items claimed to be infringing, even though the claims are invalid. We have made the changes and as of the evening of January 20th are back online again.

Other than one photo, two names and a few snippets of their text that we felt needed to be highlighted to show the misleading tactics they were using (all shown below), nothing else from their website has ever been posted on ours. Their picture has been removed, per their request, but a new picture has been added above that is NOT owned by them and cannot be claimed as infringing in any fashion. Also, the product names and personal names that they are objecting to our use of are not trademarked and are, therefore, also not infringing any copyright laws, but we still had to remove them during the notification period of our counter notice.

The company also objected and claimed copyright infringement over our posting of the email they sent threatening to sue for slander. The last time we checked, if someone sends us an unsolicited email we have the legal right to do anything reasonable with it that we want, including print it on the front page of our local newspaper if we want to, and no copyright law in existence in the U.S. says otherwise. Their claims that the email is protected as an original work of art would be laughed out of any competent courtroom in America.

The complete email from HostGator about the infringement issue will be posted here at some point.  It’s interesting reading, particular the part about “we request that the removed link state the following:This content has been removed due to infringement.”

Here is a snippet of what they requested:

“The following page contains information used without permission, we are therefore requesting the removal of the following items. ???? ???? The mention of “XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX” and “XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX ???? The mention of names “XXXXX XXXXX” and “XX XXXXX XXXXX” ???? Removal of private email from XXXXX XXXXX (May 17) to”

The ?????’s were part of the original email as we received it from HostGator. The XXXXX’x shown above and below are where names were removed to comply with their request. And, notice they couldn’t even spell the name of our website correctly.

Since May of 2011 their website at has undergone a number of changes, including the removal of comments about Dr. XXXXX XXXXX being a colleague of Dr. Clark’s and the one about “I live and work in Florida USA, and I will personally assist you with all your questions.” This was an outright lie and we pointed it out on this website. As of January 2012 the only place you will see Dr. XXXXX XXXXX mentioned is on the “Contact Us” page which shows a picture of her with the caption “Dr. XXXXX XXXXX (M.D., D.O.)”

(–more info will be posted shortly.  Just had to get
the names removed to get the site back online. )

The information below is our original review of (with minor changes due to the copyright infringement claims. We show it strictly for historical purposes and to point out the ongoing attempt to harass our website.

Important update: On May 17, 2011 we received an email from XXXXX XXXXX at threatening legal action because of our comments about the XXXXXX XXXXXXX. We have edited our review slightly to remove anything we feel was wrong (very little editing was done), and added some new information that we felt was important. A complete copy of the email from XXXXX XXXXXXX is shown below after our review, so keep reading!

There are two models available: the XXXXX XXXXXXX XXX and the XXXXX XXXXXXX XXX. Both models are AC powered, like the Ultimate Zapper, which, at this time, we simply can’t recommend for personal safety reasons. This review will be rather short because we will not be discussing specs or talking about the actual zappers (yet, we will be posting a detailed review shortly). Instead we must focus on the company that is selling them.

According to the company itself, is multinational and based in Germany, with offices in the U.S. and other countries. Unfortunately, a lot of what they say on their website appears to be marketing hype and they make numerous health claims that are simply not allowed in the U.S., including the following claim, shown complete with their original grammar errors:

“YES IT IS TRUE! Many diseases which are been claimed to be incurable are now are being healed through an amazing electro-therapy called a “DR HULDA CLARK DIGITAL ZAPPER”.

This is only one example. The company randomly mixes info on Bob Beck, Royal Rife and Hulda Clark, with a good sprinkling of pure marketing hype to keep things interesting. Comparing a Hulda Clark Zapper to a Bob Beck blood electrification device by calling it a “Beck Zapper” is simply meant to confuse people in our opinion. Click here for more info on Bob Beck and the Beck Protocol. Beck “Pulsers” are NOT the same as Hulda Clark Zappers and should not even be called zappers to avoid confusion. We feel the company is comparing “apples to oranges” and the two devices should not be mixed together, much less have info from Royal Rife thrown in the mix to further confuse things.

Over the past couple of years we have spoken with more than one person who has purchased a XXXXX XXXXXXX who either didn’t get the product or got one that didn’t work and then couldn’t get the company to respond to get it repaired.

The company claims to have a Florida address specifically for sales and support of U.S. customers, but no phone number is supplied online so you can’t call them. We’ve heard a number of rumors about the products themselves, the few that actually seem to be in use in the wild, but our “Do Not Buy” recommendation is strictly based on the reputation of the company and the likely-hood of getting ripped off.

The company specifically mentions a Dr. XXXXX XXXXX (M.D., D.O.) on their website with the following info:

As a Colleage of Dr Clark for many years, I have chosen to practice the protocol of Dr Hulda Clark… I live and work in Florida USA, and I will personally assist you with all your questions.”

Unfortunately, “Dr. XXXXX XXXXX” is a complete fiction according to Geoff Clark, Dr. Clark’s son, who has never heard of her. The company also offers a free bootleg CD copy of Dr. Clark’s book, “The Cure For All Diseases”, with no compensation to the publisher or the legal copyright holder of the book.

(Update: the company claims Dr. XXXXX XXXXX is a real person who is a registered doctor in the U.K. Yet, their website implies she is a U.S. doctor and the above quote, taken directly from their website, states she lives and works in Florida and will personally assist customers. That is, if you can somehow contact her, which is evidently somewhat hard to do according to the few people we’ve talked to who have actually purchased a unit from them online.

Their definition of “a colleage of Dr Clark for many years” is also not what we would consider accurate based on their own info about Dr. XXXXX XXXXX that states in their email to us that she took a short training course from Dr. Clark at some point over 20 years or so ago.

It has also just come to our attention that the people at have a new website,, which is solely used to promote their products.  Unfortunately, they have illegally copied the logo and website design of without permission, which, I’m sure, is more than a bit irritating for the owners of More will be posted about this as it comes up.)

If we are wrong and there are users of’s products who would like to give their comments we are more than happy to listen and report what we find. Tell us if you have one and how well it works or whether you have been ripped off. We all need to know more! NOT RECOMMENDED!

As mentioned above we received an email threatening legal action for slander against us for the comments we have made about Below is the entire email sent to us. Nothing has been changed or left out, this is the exact email we received from them:

Sorry, the email has been removed so we can get our website back online
while our counter notice about copyright infringement is being processed.

This is a great example of why the recent SOPA/PIPA legislation in the U.S. congress was so hotly opposed by people in the industry. All someone has to do is accuse you of copyright infringement and you have to immediately comply by removing the items in question or get your site shut down, regardless of the merits of the claims.

Basically, you are assumed guilty until you can manage to prove yourself innocent of the charges, no matter how silly or legally invalid the claims may be. U.S. copyright laws do NOT offer protection for unsolicited emails sent over the internet, yet I have been forced to remove the email that was originally posted here pending a review by my ISP.